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Affinity offers professional services such as Fire and Life Safety Engineering, Emergency Management Planning, Warden Training, Construction Phase Planning, Risk Management, Fire Safety Audits, Expert Witness Representation, and Peer Reviews. These services are required for compliance with the local Building compliance code, Fire authority, workplace health & safety requirements and Australian Standards. What's unique about Affinity's approach is we are offering a comprehensive and holistic solution to fire safety in development projects. Our team of experts will work closely to ensure every aspect of the project is considered and addressed, from design to final inspection. With our diverse team and extensive experience, we are confident in our ability to deliver a successful project which meets all necessary regulations and exceeds our client's expectations.

Fire and Life Safety Engineering

as required for compliance with the BCA

Warden Training

to AS 4083 - Planning for Emergencies in Facilities

Construction Phase Planning

with consideration to BCA compliance, Local Fire Brigade Intervention and Australian Standards

Emergency Management Planning 

to AS 4083 - Planning for Emergencies in Facilities

Risk Management

to AS/NZS ISO 310000

Fire Safety Audits 

to DHHS Capital Development Guidelines, NCC BCA and Australian Standards

Peer Reviews

under the Society of Fire Safety Code of Practice

Expert Witness Representation

in accordance with VCAT practice note - PNVCAT2

CFD Analysis & Computational Egress and Smoke Modelling

CFD simulation provides a solution to designing smoke ventilation systems to meet building regulations and safety

Peer Reviews
Performance Solutions


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