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Residential projects challenge life safety objectives greatly, with higher fire and fatality statistics than any other building type. Design objectives often compete with the Building Code’s fire safety requirements to achieve effective use of floor space and architectural aesthetics and to allow other Building Code requirements to be met within a limited space. Affinity has developed many Performance Solutions addressing egress conditions, fire compartmentation proximity to boundaries and even atria in residential developments, including apartments, serviced apartments and hotels.


Ancora features 64 apartments above a basement-level car park. It was a pleasure to be a part of this project and bring our extensive experience in emergency management, fire design redundancy, long-term management in use strategies, required egress pathways and requirements for fire brigade intervention in such buildings.

Ancora Apartments, Shell Cove, Frasers
Developer: Frasers Property
Architect: WMK Architecture
Builder: Parkview Construction
Project Value: $41m


Situated in one of Sydney’s new suburbs, Kew Schofields contains 137 modern apartments and a basement car park. Affinity Fire Engineering undertook a fire performance-based solution for the extension of the two additional residential towers to the existing Building A and the underground car parking. The Affinity team has completed detailed assessments in order to provide fire safety to the occupants and the property.

Kew, Schofields
Developer:  Positive Investment
Architect: PBD Architects
Builder: Binah Construction
Project Value: N/A


This urban development offers a lot of natural space and parklands. The site has two residential blocks, several retail tenancies and basement parking. The Affinity team worked closely with the project team to overcome the restraints imposed under the regulations/codes by developing a Performance Solution to allow flexibility in design whilst maintaining the occupant and fire brigade life safety and property protection.

Proximity Rouse Hill
Developer: Deicorp 
Architect: Group GSA
Builder: Deicorp
Project Value: N/A
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