About Us

Affinity Engineering’s strength is realised through the vast experience of 15 engineering consultants, where the level of services provided is paramount to our clients’ success. We believe that the most effective way to develop and maintain client relationships is to deliver quality cost effective engineering advice. Through project specific advice Affinity Engineering is able to maximise the potential of the project and minimises risk not only to the client but also the community.

Across all offices (Melbourne, Sydney & London), Affinity Engineering have the knowledge and experience to develop bespoke fire engineered solutions that allow the client and architectural visions to be achieved. Each office is aligned globally and works together to promote and pass knowledge to maintain Affinity Engineering as market leaders and innovators in our industry. This collective Affinity team allows the client and design team to access our most suited engineering consultants across multiple time zones to achieve client needs on an International level.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Affinity’ as ‘a close relationship based on a common origin’. Our name perfectly encapsulates the spirit in which our business was formed!

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